Together we stand for family carers

The Carers Alliance was formed in 2004 to call for a Carers’ Strategy for New Zealand. This was achieved in 2008, with three five-year Action Plans since. But progress has been too slow. 

That’s why the 50+ national not for profits in the Carers Alliance are taking action. Family carers need us – and you – to make sure they can get support, stay well, and keep caring.

We are seeking a Minister or Commissioner for family carers, and true commitment to help them have breaks (respite), financial recognition for their work, flexible employment, help for children and young people who are carers, and legislative recognition and wellbeing protections for our country’s 1m+ family, whānau, and āiga carers. 

Please join us in taking action to support family carers – sign the petition and take some of our other actions.

Your support will make a real difference.

Why should you care?

You may already be a family carer, or maybe someone in your whānau has this role. Tomorrow, it could be you.

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